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trilliumjones asked:

Alright, why not. Martin Freeman, Nathan Fillion and... Bill Murray. xD


Cast: Martin Freeman, Bill Murray, Nathan Fillion

Plot Synopsis: Hugh Walch (Nathan Fillion) has kept this old bear in his house for years, when his wife’s coworker, Neil Holle (Martin Freeman) drops by with his wife and daughter, she decides to give it to the little girl who she decides will at least enjoy it, rather than have it taking up space in her house. What she didn’t realize was that her husband had been keeping the bear because sewn inside were government documents his boss had him steal for future plans. Now he has to get the bear back before his boss Kurt Kadlec (Bill Murray) realizes it’s gone. Or worse, before the government realizes he took it.

  1. trilliumjones said: I would watch that movie! THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you!
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